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Vexma H.T. s.r.l. | 16/11/2018
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HYDRA 220-800
 The dough is the result of "compressions" between the mixing tools and the bowl wall, and of the "stretching" actions between the two arms, which cross in opposite directions.
The sequence of compressions and stretching produces a complete dough "opening", with a following optimal development of gluten.
These characteristics are not only important for all products with an "open structure", such as "ciabatta" or artisan bread, but they are actually relevant for all those products rich of fat, like panettone, croissant, donut, puff pastry, etc. Concerning the typical products such as baguette, pizza or rye bread, better dough elasticity allows the absorption of a bigger quantity of water with an equal final mixing consistence and malleability on portioning lines.
Moreover undoubted advantages are offered in the laminated dough production thanks to little temperature increase during mixing. This aspect permits savings in using ice and/or carbon dioxide.

Compared with the traditional mixing systems, the Hydra concept presents the following advantages:

  • More dough hydration and increase in water absorption of 5% compared with the present mixing technologies; from that derives the name of "Hydra" (water)
  • Marginal increase of dough temperature, generally between one and three grades centigrade
  • Optimal development of gluten; the final product is more elastic - from that derives the definition of "Elastic".
  • Mixing time comparable with that of Double Force, the double spiral mixer
    from that derives the name "Force".
  • Easier and improved amalgamation of fat matter; optimal mixing of "rich" dough (butter, margarine, eggs...)
  • The models available are all dedicated to the industrial mixing production, with a dough capacity from 220 Kg to 520 Kg.


  • Self supporting structure in painted carbonated iron
  • Stainless steel bowl and kneading tools
  • Hydraulic bowl-locking system and movement of the head
  • Double speed mixing tool motor
  • Mixing tools activated by lubrication-free parallel axes gearboxes for power increase and maintenance reduction
  • Bowl activated by friction wheel for coupling smoothness, operating easiness, perfect sanitation and reduced maintenance

Available options:

  • Partial or total stainless steel execution
  • Temperature detecting system for the dough
  • Bowl scraper
  • PLC control system
  • Water draining hole in the bowl